Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 28-March 4th

All Cosmetology Classes:
This week we will start the "Employer/Manager For the Day" group projects
Students will watch The Milady's Standard Cosmetology series to get ideas for managing a cosmetology facility and providing customer satisfaction on various services.
1) Students will choose to be in 1 out of 4 groups: Salon, Inventory/Product Supplier, Nail shop, Facial/Spa.
2) Students will be required to come up with a plan--duty roster, create an appointment book, create plans to create a welcoming environment. The environment has to also meet sanitary guidelines.
Starting today and over the next 3 class periods, the 4 mock facilities will be going on simultaneously.  Each day the groups will manage a different facility--eventually all groups will experience managing each mock facility.  Each day some students will be clients.

February 21-25

Winter Break! No School!

Friday, February 11, 2011

February 14-18

Cosmetology I

Students will take 5th 6 weeks Post-Common Assessment
Students will have 4 assignment options this week :
Assignment option 1: Hairstyling
Assignment option 2: Facials
Assignment option 3: Nails and manicures
Assignment option 4: work on missing cosmetology assignments

Cosmetology II and Adv. Cosmetology
Students will take 5th 6 weeks Post-Common Assessment
Nail Sculpting this week

Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 7-11

All cosmetology classes will work on advertisement/commercial group projects

1)Group will be grouped into no more than 4
2)Students are to brainstorm what type advertisement/commercial they will portray--radio or tv commercial. They can advertise to promote cosmetology products, a cosmetology service, or to expose a cosmetology business.
3)students will organize ideas on paper, each student must have a role
4)Students are to make sure each student's role within a group is clearly defined and written down as a ticket out the door.
5)Students will practice/role-play the commercial before presenting.  Due date is February 14 & 15