Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 30-September 3

Cosmetology I
HS-CS-1-5. Students will explain, describe, and list the basic components of chemistry in Cosmetology.
  • Explain the difference between organic and inorganic chemistry.
  • Discuss the different forms of matter—elements, compounds, and mixtures.
  • Explain pH and the pH scale.
  • Define atom, molecule, solution, and emulsion.
  • Describe properties of matter related to cosmetology.
Cosmetology II
  • Explain the basic principles of cosmetic chemistry applied to shampooing.
  • Identify emulsions and suspensions.
  •  Explain and utilize the pH scale.
  • Identify types of shampoos and their chemistry and select the appropriate shampoo for the service.
  • Demonstrate the proper steps in preparing a client for a shampoo.
  • Demonstrate proper shampooing and rinsing techniques.
Advanced Cosmetology

  • Demonstrate knowledge of chemical and physical energy by shampooing, permanent waving, and shaping the hair.
  • Select appropriate solution and strength, by measuring and mixing, according to hair texture and desired results.
  • Demonstrate strand test and test curl.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 23-27

Cosmetology Services I
  • Address standard(s)
  • Continue with Infection Control and Facials
Cosmetology Services II  and Advanced Cosmetology
  • need to bring in manikins and other supplies *review your syllabus
  • Address Standard(s)
  • Units: Hairstyles and Chemical Texturing (wrapping hair with perm rods and styling)
*Cosmetology Club--First meeting this Thursday right after school, Rm. 701
*Early release Wednesday
*Open House Thursday evening

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 16-20th

Monday/White Day
Cosmetology II and Advanced Cosmetology
  • Written Test covering Unit 1, Chapter 5
  • Demonstrate preparedness procedures for each emergency situation–fires, electric shock, overloading a circuit, inclement weather, blood spills, and other emergency situations that may occur in the classroom/laboratory or workplace.
  • Demonstrate all safety procedures when working with chemicals.
  • Demonstrate all infection control procedures when working in the clinic lab.
  • Demonstrate proper care and safety when working with models/clients.
  • Demonstrate sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilization techniques used in the personal
    care service industry.
Tuesday/Blue Day
Cosmetology I
  • Common Assessment, covering Unit 1, Chapters 1-3
  • Start Unit 2, Infection Control
    Students will evaluate the regulations of infection control: principles, prevention, procedures and precautions. The students will demonstrate understanding of proper sanitation, disinfection and sterilization. Facial implements and machines will be properly disinfected and stored.
Wednesday/White Day
Cosmetology II
  • Review Monday's lesson
  • Common Assessment
  • Start Unit 2, Hair Styling, address Standards
  • demonstrate proper braiding and intertwining hair techniques
  • Explain the basic principles of cosmetic chemistry applied to shampooing.
Advanced Cosmetology
  • Review Monday's lesson
  • Common Assessment
  • Start Unit 2, Chemical Texturing Services- Students will consult with mock clients to determine their needs and preferences.
  • Students will perform permanent wave techniques in accordance with manufacturers' directions.
Thursday/Blue Day
Cosmetology I
  • Review Tuesday's lesson, continue working on Unit 2, Infection Control
Friday/White Day
Cosmetology II and Advanced Cosmetology
  • Review Wednesday's lesson
  • Address Standards, continue working on Unit 2

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9-13th daily lesson plans

August 9-13th
Blue Day/Monday
Cosmetology I
  • Activating strategy--create partner lists/clock buddies
  • Address standards
  • Begin Unit 1, Chapter 1--read and answer review questions, class discussion
White Day/Tuesday
Cosmetology II and Advanced Cosmetology
  • Activating Strategy--create partner lists/clock buddies
  • Address standards
  • Read and discuss Chapter 5, Infection Control:  Principles and Practice
  • Complete review questions
Wednesday--Cosmetology I
  • review Mondays lesson
  • Address standards
  • continue working on Unit 1
Thursday--Cosmetolgy II and Advanced Cosmetology
  • review Tuesday's lesson
  • address standards
  • continue working on Unit 1/Chapter 5
Friday--Cosmetology I
  • Address standards
  • Unit 1 review game
  • Summarize with informal assessment

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome Back!

For the next 10 days there wil be a lot of schedule changes so until most schedules are finalized, we will do a number of icebreakers, introductory type assignmnets so you all can get to know your fellow classmates and get a feel for classroom expectations, outlook, etc.
Come in with high expectations and a positive attitude--this is just the beginning

Looking forward to meeting all of you,

Coach M. Garland