Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 8-12

Cosmetology I
  • We will complete last unit, Chemistry and Chemical Texturing
  • Turn in chapter review questions and answers, pg. 263
  • Students will be allowed to work on any performances/cosmetology services covered in level 1 cosmetology this week
  • We will begin reviewing for Final Exam (written), by unit.  The Final  is cumulative. 

Cosmetology II and Cosmetology III
  • Students will work on course summative project:  Portfolio, collecting, organizing, and then binding documentation of cosmetology services performed throughout course.  Portfolio is due Monday, Dec 15th. 
  • Teacher will work with students one on one who needs extra attention learning specific services as the others are working on their portfolio.


Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1-5

Cosmetology I
  • We will review Anatomy, and begin Chemistry and Chemical Texturing  Unit
  • Anatomy Summative Assessment next week on Tuesday
  • We will continue discussing Chemistry and Chemical Texturing highlighting key terms
  • We will review for Anatomy Assessment.  Assessment on Tuesday
Cosmetology II
  • We will work on time/grade sheets
  • Haircutting techniques
Cosmetology III
Monday and Tuesday
  • Work on Course Summative Project:  Portfolio
  • Study for EOPA
  • Take EOPA
  • Work on Course Summative Project:  Portfolio
  • Work on Course Summative Project:  Portfolio