Sunday, October 31, 2010

November 1-5

Blue Day
Cosmetology I
Unit:  Chemical Texturing
  • Chapter Review Monday
  • Post Common Assessment Wednesday
  • Test on Chemical Texturing Friday
White Day
Cosmetology II
Unit:  Hairstyling
Advanced Cosmetology
Unit:  Advanced Styling and Shaping Principles
  • Post Common Assessment Thursday
  • This week, creating and practing hair styles for hair show

*No school for students Tuesday

Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 25-29

Cosmetology I
Starting new unit:  Intro to Chemical Texturing.  Read and Complete Chapter review. 
What is the difference between permanent wave and relaxer?
Cosmetology II and Advanced Cosmetology 
Monday, Timed Assessment:  Demonstrate proper braiding and intertwining hair techniques.
Wednesday, Assessment:  Identify styling instruments, types and shapes of hair rollers, and types of curls.HS-ACS-12. Students will display continuity of salon services they have previously mastered.

Demonstrate application of skills through salon services via client or mannequin (hairstyling, chemical, skin, and nail services, etc.).

*Cosmetology Club
Meeting Tuesday after school:  Thanksgiving Community Service Project, Theme for Hair Show

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 18-22 (Homecoming Week)

Cosmetology I:
  • Review Common Assessment for Post Assessment
  • finishing up Anatomy and Physiology unit, final unit test on Wednesday
Cosmetology II and Advanced: 
  • Review Common Assessment for Post Assessment
  • Work on competitive hair styles, incorporating ridge curls, roller sets, pincurls, etc. according to Principles of Design.  Also Practicing State Board Set

*Cosmetology Club will meet Tuesday after school.  Don't forget to bring candy, posters, markers for Homecoming parade preparation.  Parade will be on October 23, 9:00am meet at K-mart

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 11-15

Cosmetology I
  • Test Tuesday, Anatomy vocabulary
  • Test Thursday, organs and their functions, systems of the body and their function
Cosmetology II
  • Monday, Fingerwave performance assessment
  • Wednesday, Fingerwaves combined with up-do performance assessment
Advanced Cosmetology
  • Create hairstyles utilizing principles of design.
  • Create hairstyles using wet sets, comb-outs, blow dry styles, fingerwaves, pincurls, thermal curling, and roller placement

*Cosmetology Club
Leaders meet Monday right after school
All cosmetology club members, those who paid dues by October 8th, meeting Tuesday

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 4-8

We are continuing from last week, respective units:
Cosmetology I--Anatomy and Physiology
  • Explain cells, their structure, and their reproduction.
  • Define tissue and name the types of tissues found in the body.
Cosmetology II--Hairstyling (fingerwaves and pincurls)
Advanced Cosmetology-- Advanced Styling and Shaping Principles
HS-ACS-9. Students will create various wearable and marketable day, evening, and formal hairstyles on live models/mannequins using hair design principles.

*Cosmetology Club--pay club dues before or by October 8th, last chance.  Dues were due by September 17th.  We need to order our shirts.  Keep those grades up and watch your behavior in all classes and school sponsored activities!