Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 29- December 3

Students in all Cosmetology classes will create a Cosmetology portfolio as a major project.

Expectations include but are not limited to:

1) choose themes that cover units and standards

2) creativity, uniqueness

3) organization, professionalism

4) Images, designs, products

5) written inserts, graphic organizers

6) note resources used, include technological resources

7) presentation, delivery

*Cosmetology Club: where club shirts this Thursday

November 22-26

Thanksgiving Holidays!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 15-19

Cosmetology I
  • Unit Test:  Chemical Texturing Tuesday
  • Work on hairshow plans Thursday
  • 3rd 6 weeks Pre-Common Assessment
Cosmetology II and Advanced Cosmetology
  • Unit Test: Hair Styling/Advanced Hair Styling Monday & Wednesday 
  • Work on hairshow Wednesday and Friday
  • 3rd 6 weeks Pre-Common Assessment
*Hairshow meeting after school Tuesday
*Cosmetology Club-  Thanksgiving celebration Thursday after school

Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 8-12

Cosmetology I: Chemical Texturing
  • Working on mock chemical relaxers and curly perms
  • Data Team Report:  Pre to Post Common assessment results, the percent of students who scored 80 or higher on the pre-common assessment covering the Anatomy and Physiology unit was 2%.  After completing the unit 67% scored 80% or higher. That is a 65% gain!
Cosmetology II (1st and 2nd blocks): Continuing with Hair Styling Unit:
Advanced Cosmetology (3rd block): Continuing with Advanced Styling and Shaping principles unit:

  • One of the jobs that can be obtained by a cosmetologist is working with run way shows, hair shows, etc. We are working on plans for our hairshow. Various activities will be going on:
1. hairstyles
2. make-up
3. nails
4. dance
5. written plans
Practice hair styles, make-up, nails, dance, for hair show, write down likes and dislike about the hair styles created for future reference *keep a written plan of hair show ideas
Principles of Hair Design: proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, harmony

  • Data Team Report: Pre to Post Common assessment results, the percent of students who scored 80 or higher on the pre-common assessment covering the Hair Styling unit was 2%. After completing the unit 16% scored 80% or higher. That is a 14% gain!  Not good, we can do better, we have to do better.  Problem, we spent too much time performing versus written/note-taking.