Thursday, January 26, 2017

January 16-27

We are currently on the Histology and Properties of the Hair, Chapt. 11


  • We will review Trichology, the  properties of the hair and scalp, discuss how knowing this infomation converts into proper styling based on the client's hair type.  Quiz on Wednesday
  • Students will be assigned duties and then work on Time/Grade Sheet

  • We will review for quiz on tomorrow covering key terms related to histology, trichology--properties of the hair and scalp
  • Work on Time/Grade Sheets

  • Students will take a quiz on histology and trichology
  • Work on Time/grade sheets

  • We will begin Principles of Hair Design unit, Chapt 14
  • Students will read chapter 14 and answer the chapter review question to prepare for class discussion
  • Work on Time/Grade Sheets

  • We will review Principles of Hair Design
  • Students will work on time/grade sheets.  Time/Grade sheets are due at the end of class each Friday.

January 5-13

Cosmetology II and III

  • Students will complete whole class project:  Standards/Student Work Wall
  • Students will begin first unit Histology
  • Students will work on Time/Grade Sheets each day
  • Cosmetology III students will take key terms test to prepare for EOPA
  • Time/Grade Sheets are due

***manikins, comb, sectioning hair clips are due Monday, August 15th ***