Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 12-16

All Cosmetology classes:

  • We will be reviewing for Midterm this week
  • The teacher will go over the agenda, standards, and E. Q. and relate them to the Instructional plan. The students will get into study/review groups.  Students will be able to choose within their group what they would like to create to use as study tool for the Midterm. Examples: game, Q & A session, graphic organizer. 2) The students will swap their study tool with another group for them to study and they study the other groups'.  As a class towards the end, we will determine which study tools were effective. Students will be able to discuss with teacher any questions, concerns about the midterm.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 5-9

Cosmetology I:
Histology of the Skin, Hair and Scalp projects due this week.  Be prepared to present.

Cosmetology II and III:
Students will work on Chemical Relaxing Summative Assessment Projects. Students will have to address the following:

a. Describe the chemistry of hair relaxing and the role of reduction reactions in relaxing.

b. Explain the chemical and physical change that take place during hair relaxing.

c. Distinguish between ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide relaxers.

d. State the role of the relaxer and neutralizer.

e. Identify relaxer strengths, including mild, regular, and super.

*Cosmetology Club will meet Monday and Thursday to choreograph dances for Cosmetology Show