Monday, April 10, 2017

March 27-May 11 Cosmetology II Portfolio

Cosmetology II
Create hairstyles to demonstrate the proper use the design principles, design elements, facials shapes, and hair types as needed for hair design.
Examine the fundamental theory and skills needed for wet hairstyling allowing students to perform various hairstyling techniques, including wet hairstyling, comb-outs, braiding and blow dry styling.
Demonstrate thermal hairstyling services, including the use of curling irons, hair pressing comb, hot rollers, etc. applying safety precautions for thermal tools.
Explain the purpose of a scalp and hair analysis in relation to the permanent wave service. Demonstrate (on a mannequin) sectioning, blocking, and wrapping a permanent wave.
Explore and demonstrate skills used in the cosmetology industry.
Portfolio Set-up
1.  Cover page 
2.  Course Standards sheet
3.  Bio  _______
4.  Table of Contents_______
Body of Portfolio:  you need before & after pics of each item/style below.  Label each page by item/style before, style after

1.  Employability
2.  Hair and Scalp  Analysis
3.  Wet Hairstyling
A.                Finger waving
B.                 Pin Curls
C.                 Roller Curls
D.                Comb-out Technique
E.                 Hair Wrapping
F.                  Blowdry Styling
4.   Thermal Hairstyling
A.                Thermal curling
B.                 Thermal straightening

5.  Perm_____
6.  Miscellaneous/Combination Styles (5 items)___
A.                Updos/Formal Styling
B.                 Braiding
C.                 Twists
D.                Facial
E.                 Basic Make-up application
5.  Miscellaneous/Nail Art (2 items) ______
A.                Manicure with polish
B.                 Of your choice

*Each demo/performance page should have a title of style, before and after pic, and should be printed in color. 
·     Captions are a plus. 

·     Everything must be typed or will not be counted!

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