Monday, April 10, 2017

March 27-May 11 Cosmetology III Portfolio

Cosmetology III
Portfolio Set-up

1.  Cover page 
2.  Course Standards sheet
3.  Bio  _______
4.  Table of Contents_______
5.   Body of Portfolio:  you need before & after pics of each item/style below.  Label each page by item/style before, style after.  All written pieces must be typed or will not be counted.
Body of Portfolio
6.  Employability
7.  Consultation form and pic of Hair and Scalp Analysis
8.  Hair Cuts:  blunt cut _____     
                    layered cut _____
9.  Hair Coloring _____
10.                Chemical Texturing  ____
11.                Creative Works
a.  Fantasy hair created with roller set or pin curls
b.  Fantasy hair created with thermal styling
c.   Fantasy hair created with braids
d.  Fantasy hair created with waving the hair
e.  Fantasy make-up
f.    Fantasy nail art

Include notes, chapter reviews, or written tests for:  Infection Control, Properties of the Hair, Hairstyling, Haircutting, and Haircoloring

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